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Queensland's trusted appliance specialists.
Big group buying power.
Local service.

Queensland's trusted appliance specialists.
Big group buying power.
Local service.

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Proudly a designer appliance distributor.

Delivery with our own vehicle fleet

With our own fleet and digital logistics system, we can track delivery from the warehouse to your site down to the minute. 

Installation by professional technicians

We can install your new appliance and provide qualified tradespeople such as plumber, electrician or TV technicians if required.  

Removal of

We will take away your old disconnected appliance and dispose of it, leaving your property clean and tidy.


Air Conditioning

Why buy an inverter air conditioner?

Firstly, an inverter air conditioner will save you money as they bypass the power surges of the fixed speed air conditioners which may save you …

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black ss

Have you seen Black Stainless Steel?

One of the very latest design trends is black stainless steel. What is it? Well it is the same composition as normal stainless steel with …

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Have you tried a convection microwave?

Most kitchens now have a microwave. They save time, cook a variety of different recipes and save on energy. The convection microwave has the addition …

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Front or top load washer?

Need a new washing machine and don’t know what to buy? It is hard to find a washer that is low energy and water usage …

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Why a French Door Fridge?

French Door has become the most popular style of refrigeration. By definition, it is a side by side with a bottom freezer. Most people find …

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Kitchen Appliances

5 Cooking Related Resolutions to Lose Weight

Losing weight is the most common new year’s resolution, but it’s also the one that’s broken the most. Surprising? Ha! No! After all, we make such resolutions …

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