L&M Goldstar


Operating on the Gold Coast since 1963, our Rentals Division is known for their superior service and quality appliances. We rent in bulk to the accommodation and commercial industries.


There are many benefits of renting vs buying appliances outright. If you are a unit manager having the whole building filled with a consistent brand and model TV means enquires are easy to manage.

Renting through L&M Gold Star provides additional peace of mind such as free installation (including tune and hotel lock of TV’s if required) and spare TV provided at no extra charge.

Rent the latest High Definition LCD screens for your property and why not pair it with a DVD player? We provide both floor stand and wall mount solutions. We carry small and large screen TV’s so if you want to keep your existing furniture and fittings, we have something that suits your needs.

L&M also rents fridges & washing machines, with both short term and long-term lease options available.

Rollaway beds are also part of our rental fleet. Rent them today from the people that you know and trust.


Our rental team are on the road 7 days a week. Your industry doesn’t close, so neither do we.

Call us with your fridge, washer and/or entertainment needs – we will be there today with your appliance.

Free Replacement

FREE replacement or repair of TV sets for the life of the contract*, saving time on quoting and approval process with property owner

FREE replacement or repair of faulty remotes for the life of the contract*, again this saves time on quoting and approval with property owners.


TVs are available for upgrade every 3, 4 or 5 years*, ensuring great viewing and latest technology for your guests.

Spare TV Free

Spare TV and remote provided at no-charge to reduce guest impact if fault occurs outside of business hours*.

Potential Tax Deductions

On top of these benefits, the property owners may benefit from an increased tax deduction.