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5 year

5 year warranty on laundry

Only until May 1 2022 you can get a full 5 year warranty on laundry products. Of cours terms and conditions apply – but why …

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We even have the kitchen sink!

We have a great range of  kitchen and laundry sinks and matching taps.  Should I buy a white sink for my white kitchen? Well we …

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Rental Banner

Lock down trends

So I was asked to make a statement about shopping trends during the Covid lockdown. The biggest item at the beginning were freezers- everyone wanted …

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So what is a condenser dryer?

Basically a condenser dryer extracts water from your clothes and deposits it in a reservoir. It is a closed system where air is blown over …

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zip tap1

Do you love drinking water?

We all should drink more water. One way to assist is by installing a boiling, chilled and sparkling water tap. A Zip HydroTap transforms ordinary …

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Lm Dishwasher

Hints for cleaning stainless steel appliances

Cleaning Stainless Steel   Use a microfibre cloth, which is the best material to use as regular dish towels or paper towels may leave smudges. …

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