An oven is the heart of the home. A wide variety of electric ovens now come with an array of features from self-cleaning features like pyrolytic cleaning, or steam cooking features,

Deciding which ovens to consider on your shopping list doesn’t have to be a daunting exercise. Look past all the unfamiliar terminology and overwhelming specifications. When it comes time to buy a new oven here’s a few simple things to consider.

  1. Oven size 

The most common built-in oven sizes here in Australia is 60cm. For single door ovens, they are most typically 60cm in width and height, and even for a double oven, it is most common for them to have a 60cm width, but the height will vary. For a single oven, being the most common oven in Australia, they can either be installed in one of two ways:

  1. Built-in – this style is when the oven is installed at eye-level in a wall tower or the kitchen cabinetry.
  2. Built under – this is when the oven is installed under the benchtop. This way of installing the appliance can be referred to as built under or under bench. prior to installation

       2.Oven capacity

The oven capacity tells you the size of the internal cavity of the oven in litres and of how much you can fit inside the oven at the one time when you want to bake.

  1. Oven features

Whether you’re a home baker, making a roast or just want to cook a quick dinner you expect a lot from your oven. So what are key oven features you should be looking for in your new oven:

      4.Cooking functions

Ovens come equipped with different cooking functions or settings designed to provide the best cooking performance depending on what’s being cooked or baked.

Oven type

    1. Multifunction– If you’re looking for more options in how you’re your food is cooked, then a Multi-function Built-In Electric Oven is your best choice. Combining electric heating elements and fans to provide heating to suit the cooking style, it provides you with better control when cooking.
    2. Fan Forced– A step up from conventional ovens, fan-forced electric ovens are ideal for fast cooking at high temperatures. Fan-forced ovens have a fan that circulates the hot air around the cavity of the oven providing a faster cooking time.  .
    3. Cooking racks / shelves– In addition to the oven capacity, how much you can cook all at once will also be determined by how many racks or shelves the oven has. If you’re a home baker you’ll want multiple racks in your oven so you can cook batches of cookies or slices at once, and keep the flow of your baking going.


Finally, it’s important to note ovens come with a bit of weight, so check the weight in addition to checking the measurements of the oven. You’ll need to ensure the cabinet you’ll be installing the new oven into can support the weight of the oven and has enough clearance around the back of the oven once it’s installed inside the kitchen cabinet to be safe. To be sure of how much room you need check the cut out dimensions on the manufacturer’s specification sheet