Cleaning Stainless Steel


  1. Use a microfibre cloth, which is the best material to use as regular dish towels or paper towels may leave smudges. Wet the cloth with warm water and a drop of dish soap then wring out the cloth as much as possible before using.
  2. When wiping down your appliances, wipe in the direction of the “grain” which is the tiny marks that can be found on the surface. The whole surface of the appliance will usually show the grain in the same direction and it’s best to follow this when possible. Working against the grain means that dirt, grime or cleaning residue can get stuck in the tiny grain crevices thus reducing shine.
  3. When wiping down your appliances, wipe it down in an “S” pattern from the top to the bottom as not to spread the dirt around.
  4. Rinse the cloth and wipe down again with water.
  5. Finally use a dry cloth to completely dry down the appliance, ensure to dry completely to leave no streaks behind.
  6. To maintain smudge-free stainless steel surfaces, it’s recommended you clean and wipe down your appliances at least once a week. Regularly used appliances such as fridges and dishwashers may require a clean every few (2-3) days.